NAIC Adopts New Cybersecurity “Roadmap”

In December, the NAIC’s Executive Committee/Plenary adopted a new consumer bill of rights document entitled, “NAIC Roadmap for Cybersecurity Consumer Protections”.  This new document is the latest version of the NAIC’s consumer bill of rights concerning cybersecurity and is intended to comprehensively describe, “the protections the NAIC believes consumers are entitled to from insurance companies, agents and other businesses when Continue reading

Preparing for a Data Security Breach

computer hackerAs last year’s cyber attack on Anthem and other recent large-scale hacking incidents illustrate, few events can put your company’s entire reputation on the line more readily than a data security breach.  A company’s first line of defense, of course, is to ensure that its data security measures are as strong and as up-to-date as possible.  Insurers must be proactive in this regard.  It is imperative that Continue reading